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This is you, taking reservations and bookings for your next exhibitor event.

FINALLY! A full featured event management exhibitor and attendee interactive online platform. Event Platform: can be used for booth assignments and reservations at any expo, trade show or fair. It can be used to create seating plans at conferences, weddings, ceremonies & receptions. It can even be used to handle occupancy in offices & rentals, plants in greenhouses, food trucks in festivals & more.​

Why do I need an interactive floor plan if I have a PDF/image already?

  • Automate booth reservations — let exhibitors see booth dimensions, prices, and other companies’ names right on the floor plan in real time. Assign exhibitors to booths or let them reserve them by themselves and see instant changes on the floor plan.

  • Sell booths and extras — i.e. "electricity", "extra tables", or "extra chairs"anywhere there's Internet, right from the floor plan.

  • Work less — exhibitors can auto-login and edit their own company profile.

  • Changes are easily done — on the floor plan by reaching

  • Happy Attendees: Last, but not least, you'll have happy attendees because they can search for companies, booths, or categories; see where they are located; read their profiles; and bookmark favorites. You can see their online activity by using Google Analytics.

Don't believe it can be done? Give it a try yourself!

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